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Started by Endershadow21

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29 Jan 2024
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19 May 2024




After a long time of "blood, sweat, tears," and learning. We are ready to begin the adventures of the new server. While we would like to present to you a server in the likeness of RexCraftia...we are attempting to take it above and beyond what it used to be. This includes NEW abilities, particles, functions, mobs, items, elements, gamemodes, and revamping a lot of the original aspects of the server.


What you can expect for launch:


A new server

New spawn

5 artifact crates (not including armor crate, consumables, and Xur like normal)

NEW stats for each crate type and tier

NEW GUIS for every type of function (/fusion /forge, /compression, etc)

Tutorial and guide to most features on the server


NEW 20kx20k wild world with custom terrain generation

Mobs are more difficult the further way you are from spawn - and more rewards for prospective players

4kx4k Nether world

5kx5k End world

Mob arena - with set rewards, one arena, and future improvements and additions

DUELING - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc in MANY different arenas. You can use set kits, your own inventory, or custom PvP modes

DUNGEONS (WITH BOSSES) - bringing back the OG feel with more additions and features. You can have a custom dungeon instance that is unique for a specific player or party.

At least one WARZONE location in the middle of the faction world somewhere (will include mobs with special drops at some point - Explore the location to unlock the warp!)

Ranks - support the server and receive access to commands and special or limited rewards (no P2W - everything can be earned in game)

Crate chest rewards (earn or purchase keys and have a chance to receive great rewards or even ranks!)

Voting and vote rewards




What to expect in the future:

NEW gamemodes (Survival, Skyblock, or possibly more depending on resources and popularity)

MANY more crates, new crates, new abilities for each to balance PvP - many are in the pipeline already

More mob arenas, dungeons, bosses, and faction warzones.

Special limited-time events with limited, special rewards and crates (seasonal quests, games, scavenger hunt, etc)

Player character development...level up skills, health, and other stats possibly in the future. (Cast skills with your hands?!)

Possible custom end generation and custom nether world generation (Maybe new worlds too?)

Improvements to the website

Forum for opportunities like staff applications, ban appeals, bug reports, moderation reports, new ideas, polls, etc

More improvements to literally everything

Feedback from you as the player so we know what else to improve!


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